The Next Generation of Energy Storage

Using its sodium-ion battery technology, its enhanced lithium-ion battery processing capabilities, and its portfolio of intellectual property that has been amassed over ten years of research, Batri is helping companies and consumers move towards a carbon-neutral future and is revolutionising the energy storage market.


Battery Cells and Racks

Batri specialise in non rare-earth lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery technology. Cylindrical, prismatic, and 5 kWh packs, are available for a wide range of applications and solutions making use of an optimised battery management system (BMS) to ensure cell efficiency.

Solar Carports

Batri hybrid solar carports for EV charging are available in a wide range of styles and sizes catering for the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Home Energy Storage

Batri home systems offer the opportunity to store energy when it is available at low prices and use it at peak times. Systems are now being combined with solar products and EV chargers, lowering carbon emissions and energy costs.

Battery Cabinets and Battery Energy Storage Systems BESS

Batri single cabinet small-scale storage (<50 kWh), and Batri BESS (>3 MWh) contain battery cells and inverters, BMS systems, sensor arrays, and fire suppression systems, offering remote monitoring and safety reassurance.

To transform the way the
world stores energy,
providing sustainable technological solutions
and safeguarding the environment
for future generations.”

Batri – Vision

To harness superior thinking in the creation of products that enhance green energy capabilities functionally and sustainably and to encourage the transition to renewable power.”

Batri – Mission